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Welcome to the MECP Practice Testing Site.

Here you can test yourself using official MECP approved practice exam questions written in a similar style and that reflect the very same topic areas you find on actual MECP exams. It’s a great way to see where you are in your studies and overall knowledge at your chosen level, as well as smooth out some of the pre-testing anxiety some participants may feel wondering how they’ll do. It’s intended to replicate a very similar experience of testing in a Prometric test center where the actual MECP supervised, computer based exams are delivered, yet you can practice using this testing site while completely on your own. The practice testing fee is modest and the length of the practice exam is half of the questions on the actual supervised MECP exam you’d take at a Prometric test center.

It will certainly help you to have studied the related MECP study guide for the level you’re going to try. If you have not obtained the appropriate MECP study guide, you can find information for purchase at the MECP website.

To utilize this practice test site, you’ll need to have:

  1. A valid e-mail address where, following the registration process, your practice exam login information will be sent.

  2. A valid credit or debit card for the practice testing fee. Upon payment of the fee, you’ll have 24 hours in which to take the practice exam.

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The MECP Team